Thinking of cycling to work? Our Top Tips to get you going!

With the cost of living rising, commuting by car is not only expensive but it’s not a great way to spend your time with traffic now back to pre-pandemic levels. But if you are interested in combining a better and healthier lifestyle with a cheaper commute then there is only one alternative – cycling. The upfront cost and minor maintenance charges are a fraction of what it would cost to keep a car on the road. So the team at SONA Bikes have put together our top tips to start cycling for your commute.


  1. Firstly make the financial outlay easier on your wallet by purchasing your bike through the Bike to Work Scheme. Your employer will pay for the bike on your behalf and you can then repay via salary sacrifice spread out over 12 months – not to mention the fact that you get the bike tax free with savings up to 52% depending on your tax rate. It’s a no brainer – head over to Bike to Work to find out more. 
  2. Consider how you want to carry your gear, change of clothes, laptop etc.. with many preferring to use a bike rack and pannier bags to avoid a sweaty back! The KLS Naira Pannier Bag is our most popular bag, its waterproof and detachable so ideal for carrying into the office. Its 18L capacity with a laptop pocket and roll top closure to keep everything dry. Check it out below - and don't forget accessories can be included on the Bike to Work scheme. 
  3. A bike lock is an absolute necessity, even if your workplace provides off street secure bike parking you will need a lock for those many short journeys you will begin to take – nipping out to the shop or meeting friends down the local! The On Guard Bulldog 8012 u-lock is one of the best in class bike locks that offers excellent security for your bike with a X2P double bolt locking mechanism and a hefty 11 – 13mm hardened steel shackle resistant to cutting, prying and jacking. Have a look 
  4. The right rain gear or water proof clothing, hey we live in Ireland and some amount of rain is to be expected. Though you might be surprised that you’ll get caught out less often than you think, but be prepared nonetheless.
  5. Scope out your route before you set off, ask others in your workplace that cycle for advise on the best routes and trial it a few times before you set out for work. This will give you confidence and familiarity with the route and will mean less delays as you zoom in ahead of the traffic.
  6. As with the Scouts ‘Be Prepared’ you might never need it but carrying a repair kit is strongly advised by the SONA team. Our Bike to Work packages include all the accessories you will need with a repair kit that includes multi-tool, 2 x inner tubes, puncture repair kit, tyre levers and Mini pump together with everything you need when starting out. Check out whats included in our  BIKE TO WORK PACKAGE 
  7. Get organised, have everything you need to go ready the night before, to be fair all you’ll want to do in the morning is grab and go so make it easy for yourself.
  8. Don’t rush, this is not a race, take your time and be aware of your surroundings. Even at a steady, comfortable pace you will arrive faster than commuting by car!
  9. Mix it up, try different routes so you don't get bored - perhaps a longer more scenic one for when you have time and want to push it a bit more.
  10. Leave items at work rather than carrying them with you, only carry what you need to make your journey more enjoyable.


And of course the team at SONA bikes are on hand to help ensure you choose the right bike and accessories for your needs. We have bike sizing advise link on all of our bikes listed on site and an email facility for you if you have any questions, also check out our Live Chat on site – happy to help in any way we can.