SONA Sport 2.0 the popular choice for commuting, fitness and leisure cycling.

SONA Sport 2.0 the popular choice for commuting, fitness and leisure cycling.

If you are interested in cycling to improve your fitness levels and you also want to make the switch to two wheels for your daily commute, a hybrid sport bike is the ideal bike for you. A sport hybrid is probably one of the best commuter bikes around for its speed, agility and comfort and is also ideally suited for recreational cycling and training. 

What is a hybrid bike?

Sport Hybrid bikes combine features from both road bikes and mountain bikes, to create something that performs equally well on multiple surfaces. See our full guide to Sport Hybrid bikes HERE which will detail all the features and benefits of a Sport Hybrid bike. In essence they have the strength and robust nature of a mountain bike and the sleek, aero dynamics of a road bike. 

Hybrid bikes are excellent commuters because of their versatility. They offer a good balance of comfort, speed and practicality, which combines the best features found in different bikes. They perform well on a variety of terrains.

Hybrids are very versatile. They make climbing easy, they are fast, they can carry a lot of weight. They are suited for most types of commute. 

Who are hybrid bikes for?

Regardless of whether you are new to cycling or if you have made the conscious decision to ditch the car and opt for a bike on your daily commute, Sport Hybrids really are the ideal option They are equally at home on the road as off it and will offer you a wide choice of terrain for both weekend adventures and exploring the city with increased ease of urban mobility.

Sport Hybrids – The all-purpose solution

Check out our most popular Sport Hybrid the Sona Sport 2.0 with upgraded Tektro disk brakes and Hutchinson Nitro 2 tyres. This bike is sleek and fast but we have also keep comfort in mind with the addition of the Selle Royal Viento saddle, making this the ideal all-purpose bike for commuting, leisure and fitness training. Available in red, silver or grey, find out more detail HERE.

SONA Sport 2.0 is also available as an e-bike check it out HERE.

Buying the SONA Sport 2.0

We always advise customers to use the Bike To Work Scheme for bike and accessory payments, to save up to 52%. However, if your bike package is above €1250 for standard bikes or above €1500 for Ebikes, Sona, can offer you split payments on the balance through Klarna. This means you get the full benefit of the Bike To Work Scheme and also 4 interest free monthly payments to spread the remaining cost. If you cannot apply using the Bike To Work Scheme you can use Klarna for the full value of the bike and accessories and pay over 4 months, interest free. Contact us on for more information.

To register your company for the Bike to Work scheme click HERE.