Electric bike care and battery maintenance.

Electric bike care and battery maintenance.

If you are already the owner of an electric bike or maybe you’re thinking of purchasing an electric assist bike then you will want to protect your investment and make sure it is running smoothly for you at all times.

With an e-bike maintenance is much the same as with that of a regular bike, plus you will have additional components such as the motor and battery to service. Knowing how to carry out some basic fixes will help you maintain your bike and keep you bike going for as long as possible.

Cleaning your bike.

As with any bike it’s important to wash off the grime picked up from the road, especially at this time of the year when there is more debris on the road. The only difference with an electric bike is that it’s advisable to remove the battery before you start sponging it down and only use recommended cleaning products. You can of course remove grime from your chain but you don’t need to strip the lube or grease away – a quick rinse is all that is needed & dry everything thoroughly with a cloth before replacing the battery.

Drivetrain / chain care.

Keeping your chain clean and lubricated can increase the milage expectancy of your bike. To keep your chain in tip top condition you should clean it after every ride right! Or at the very least approximately once a month! Once you have cleaned your chain it is necessary to apply new lube / grease immediately afterwards and run it through the chainrings, chain, cogs and cranks.

E-Bike battery tips.

Knowing how to care for your e-bike battery will make sure your battery lasts as long as possible. Firstly extremes of heat or cold can affect your battery performance, if your bike is kept outdoors remove the battery and bring it indoors to charge it. Even if the battery does not need charging, remove it and store it indoors. Also depending on the range of your battery (and how hard you use it) it is not necessary to fully charge your battery every evening. Charging your battery less will help it last much longer.

E-Bike motor tips.

If your e-bike motor is giving you trouble then it is recommended to take it to an expert. It is not advisable to try to open it or take it apart in any way, if you have a warranty take it back to the manufacturers. As an e-bike owner the only thing you need to do with the motor is to keep the housing clean.  

Handlebar controller care.

The handlebar controller on your e-bike is like a small computer that allows you to control your pedal assist and in some cases will give performance data. It is not necessary to keep them covered in the rain (although if you prefer to go right ahead), a simple wipe down and dry after being out in the rain is all that is needed. And as with any bit of software, update as required if there are updates from your manufacturer and also try turning it off and on again if it is giving you any trouble. Ultimately if the controller is faulty you are better to take it to the manufacturer or experts for repair.

So with some basic TLC you can keep your e-bike in top shape and performing as it should to make your ride enjoyable. If you need any additional advice or would like to look at the SONA range of e-bikes simply click HERE or use the chat facility on our site to speak to one of our team.