Cycling Adventures in North County Dublin: Scenic Routes and Cosy Coffee Stops

Cycling Adventures in North County Dublin: Scenic Routes and Cosy Coffee Stops

Escape the urban hustle and discover the beauty of North County Dublin on a cycling adventure. With picturesque landscapes, charming villages, and cyclist-friendly paths, this region offers an ideal setting for a refreshing weekend getaway. In this blog post, we'll guide you through recommended cycling routes, incorporating the ease of taking your bike on the train, and highlight cycle-friendly coffee stops along the way.

Getting Out of the City: Cycling and the Train Experience

Begin your cycling weekend with a stress-free journey by taking your bike on the train from Dublin. Enjoy scenic views and eliminate the hassle of city traffic, setting the stage for a perfect weekend escape. 

Malahide to Skerries Coastal Route (Distance: approximately 25 km):

Start your adventure in Malahide, known for its marina and castle. Cycle the coastal route to Skerries, relishing views of the Irish Sea, quaint villages, and landmarks like Lambay Island. For a delightful coffee stop, visit Olive's Room in Malahide, a cosy spot known for its welcoming atmosphere and cyclist-friendly amenities. /

Howth Summit Loop (Distance: approximately 15 km):

Embark on the Howth Summit Loop, beginning in the seafood haven of Howth. Traverse cliffs, summit trails, and take in panoramic views of Dublin Bay. Recharge at The House in Howth, a cycle-friendly cafe offering a perfect blend of coffee and seaside charm /

Balbriggan to Drogheda Historic Route (Distance: approximately 30 km):

Discover history on the route from Balbriggan to Drogheda, passing through the Boyne Valley. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage site of Newgrange and conclude your ride in Drogheda. Enjoy a cycle-friendly coffee break at Brambles Café, Bru Na Boinne in the Newgrange Visitors Centre, known for its warm hospitality and locally sourced treats. / /

Rush to Lusk Coastal Spin (Distance: approximately 20 km):

Experience coastal beauty on the Rush to Lusk Coastal Spin, starting in Rush and ending in Lusk. Enjoy sea breezes and golden beaches along the way. Stop for coffee at The Skinny Batch Bakery for their all-day pancakes and waffle menu, cycle-friendly cafe with outdoor seating / 

Sustainable Travel: Combining Cycling and Train Adventures

Opt for eco-friendly travel by incorporating train journeys into your cycling adventure. Convenient train services in North County Dublin provide a sustainable and hassle-free way to explore different starting points for your rides.

Exploring Hidden Gems: Off the Beaten Path Routes

Venture off the beaten path and discover hidden gems in North County Dublin. Less-travelled routes offer intimate connections with nature. For a quiet coffee stop, visit Brown's Coffee House in Skerries, known for its tranquil garden setting and cyclist-friendly facilities.

Cycle-Friendly Accommodation:

Extend your cycling weekend by selecting bike-friendly accommodations. Look for options with secure storage, repair facilities, and local insights on the best cycling routes. Make your stay memorable by choosing accommodations that cater to the needs of cyclists.

North County Dublin beckons with diverse cycling routes and welcoming coffee stops. Whether you seek coastal views, historic landmarks, or hidden gems, this region has it all. Combine train travel with cycling for a seamless and sustainable experience and be sure to explore the cycle-friendly coffee stops and accommodations that enhance your journey. Happy pedalling!

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