A Guide to City Bikes.

A Guide to City Bikes.

A city bike, also known as a utility bike, can be seen predominantly in urban areas.

A practical bike built with comfort in mind, City bikes are designed for a more upright cycling position rather than bent forward, like on road bikes. This upright position gives the rider better visibility of their surroundings, especially good when weaving in and out in city traffic.

City bikes generally have fewer gears than a road or mountain bike and often have additional features such as a step-through frame, chain guards, basket or pannier rack. They also generally have wider saddles and straight handlebars, built for comfort rather than speed.

Whilst city bikes are predominantly designed for cycling on flat surfaces such as in cities but they are robust enough to handle gentle bike trails like parks or greenways. Electric city bikes which are becoming very popular, are a fantastic option for commuters, especially those travelling slightly longer distances.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a cleaner, greener way of getting around town, city bikes are a great place to start.

Features of a City Bike.


  • City bikes usually come with an array of fashionable and practical accessories, from locks and tool kits to lights, baskets and bike racks.
  • Most city bikes will have a bell and wide tyres as standard.
  • Mudguards, chain guards / skirt guards are also a fantastic additional accessories that’ll ensure your clothes stay clean whilst you cycle.


  • City bikes were designed as predominantly Urban Bikes to be used in cities and urban areas.
  • Built with comfort in mind, many have step through frames and are designed for an upright riding position.
  • City Bikes have fewer gears than a road bike and require less maintenance.
  • City bikes are designed for cycling on flat / paved surfaces. They also adapt well to gentle bike trails but are not intended for rough, cross country terrain.

Now for the Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable, upright riding position
  • Low maintenance
  • Sturdy and suitable for new cyclists
  • Ideal for use in an urban / city setting
  • City bike are less desirable to bike thieves


  • Heavier than other styles of bikes
  • Not suitable for off-road cycling or on rough terrain
  • Slower than other bike styles.

Best For:

City bikes are ideal for commuting especially in cities or urban settings. For anyone new to cycling or anyone looking for a sturdy, stress free cycle then the city bike is ideal for you.

City bikes have also been recommended for people suffering from back injuries due to its upright and more comfortable cycling position.

If you are not looking to pursue competitive cycling and you are looking for a bike that is relaxed, hassle free and very reliable then choosing a city bike will be ideal for you.

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