Bike to Work Scheme

The bike to work scheme is a government backed incentive to encourage more people to commute to work by bike. If you live and work in Ireland and pay PAYE income tax, you are eligible to apply for the scheme. Depending on what tax bracket you fall into, you could save up to 51% on a new bike.

At Sona Bikes we are an approved supplier of Bike to Work Ltd/TravelHub, Ireland’s largest supplier of bike to work vouchers. If the company you work for hasn’t already signed up with Bike to Work Ltd/TravelHub, all it takes is a filling out a simple form on Bike to Work Ltd’s website Applying for the Bike to Work scheme is as easy as following these 3 steps:


    • Step 1 – choose your bike and accessories from our online webshop
    • Step 2(a) – submit the online form on your Bike to Work Ltd/TravelHub microsite
    • or
    • Step 2(b) – request a quote from if your company is not registered with Bike to Work Ltd/TravelHub
    • Step 3 – once you are approved by your company and are in receipt of your Bike to Work Ltd/TravelHub voucher, company cheque or have arranged a bank transfer, we will ship your bike and accessories to your address

Email us at if you want further information on the Bike to Work scheme or would like a quote.

bike to work scheme